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 DKP system and Item Values

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PostSubject: DKP system and Item Values   Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:36 am

Everyone in the Raid earns DKP according to the rules below. DKP is spent to obtain an item during a Raid.

Not On Time Penalty
Everyone who is signed up and NOT in the raid instance on time or at all will be penalized by -10 DKP.

Onyxia / MC

Epic = +2 DKP
Legend = +10 DKP


Epic = +4 DKP

AQ20 / ZG

Boss Kill = +3 DKP

Loot Distribution Rules

Class Items:

Class items have fixed DKP costs. These are shown below

Tier 1 (Binds on Equip) = 20 DKP
Tier 1 (Binds on Pickup) = 40 DKP
Tier 2 = 70 DKP

Tier 1 items are your standard molten core epic loot. Tier 2 items drop from Ragnaros, Onyxia and in Blackwing Lair.

BOE class items are allocated at the end of the raid.

The eligible player with the highest DKP gets the class item and has the specified points subtracted from their total.

If more than one player is tied for points, those players roll.

If the highest player does not have enough points for the given class item, the full points cost is still subtracted and that player goes into negative points. (i.e. player with 20 DKP ends with -20 DKP if they took a Tier 1 BOP for 40 DKP).

Citizen Renked players can earn DKP but cannot bid on any items.

Special Items

- Eye of Divinity for priests cost 70 DKP.

- There are special linked class items for hunters. These cost 70DKP and the person that gets the first linked item gets the next one for free. (Leaf+Sinew)

- Thunderfury's first linked piece is FFA for the classes mentioned on the item. The next linked item will be given to the owner of the first piece for 100 DKP.

Non-Class Items:

Non Clas items have class priority as mentioned in the related forum.
Other classes will be free to bid for non class item if no player from the prioritized class bids for the this items.The biding rules is as following.

Onyxia / MC

Minimum bid is 30 DKP and the minimum increment is 10 DKP. No lower starting bid or increment will be accepted.

Minimum bid for recipes is 10 DKP and the minimum increment is 5 DKP.


Minimum bid is 60 DKP and the minimum increment is 20 DKP. No lower starting bid or increment will be accepted.

AQ20 / ZG

Bidding in AQ20 and ZG is FFA.
Minimum bid is 5 DKP and the minimum increment is 5 DKP. No lower starting bid or increment will be accepted.

Zul Gurub Coins and Bijous:

5 Coins Pack = 5 DKP
5 Bijous Pack = 20 DKP

A "player" (not character) is allowed to spend DKP on maximum 2 different packs per week. The distribution will be done on Wednesdays and Fridays by Kanuni.

AQ 20 scarabs and idols:

5 Scarabs Pack = 5 DKP
1 Idol Pack = 5 DKP

A "player" (not character) is allowed to spend DKP on maximum 2 packs of each per week. The distribution will be done on Wednesdays by Hoduk.

Reminder: There won't be class priorities on any non-class items, so you are expected to think twice for the guild's best before bidding on an item.

Raid Invite:

Invite normally starts at 30 minutes before raid time unless otherwise announced. At raid time, the raid will be filled by other players who are in queue or not even signed up.

ALT Characters:

ALT characters and MAIN character share the SAME DKP account: The total DKP of a player is the sum of his characters' DKP.

Guild Bank:

All rare (blue) and uncommon (green) items go the guild bank.

If an epic is not needed by anyone and is not bid for by anyone, it goes to guild bank. BOP epics will be disenchanted, BOE epics will be brought to next raid to be distributed again. After 2 weeeks, unbidded BoE items will be sold on AH.

The other items that are sent to the guild bank are as follows;

Coins and Bijous that are collected in Zul Gurub.
Scrabs and idols collected in Ahn Qiraj.
Core Leather/Dark Iron Ore/Cores and Essences collected in Molten Core.
Onyxia Scales collected from Onyxia.
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DKP system and Item Values
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