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 Important for Rogues!

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PostSubject: Important for Rogues!   Sun Nov 26, 2006 7:23 pm

Slice and Dice does more damage than any other finisher in a raid environment

Blade Flurry is always good, even against a single target

Backstab and Sinister Strike are "weapon speed normalized" which means that weapons of any speed get the same attack power bonus from your AP. However, for any given weapon DPS, a slower weapon is still better due to higher average damage.

Hemorrhage is not "weapon speed normalized", slower weapons are substantially better than faster weapons

Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot are on different "diminishing returns" timers. Sap and Gouge are on the same one.

Weapon skill is amazingly good when fighting mobs of 2 or more levels higher than you. Check on:

Fighting monsters from behind is better than the front, even when you aren't using daggers

14 AP = 1 DPS this is true for all levels

1DPS * weapon speed = how much dmg (both max and min) you get from AP

29 Agility = 1% Crit. 14.5 Agility = 1% Dodge. This is only true for level 60.

Combat tree is the best tree for leveling and in a raid environment

Opportunity is always better than Lethality for Dagger rogues

+15 Agility for offhand weapons

+5 Weapon Damage on mainhand daggers

Crusader in every other case

Level your lockpicking. When you get to 60, people expect you to have it.

Improved Dual Wielding does the most damage increase for any point you can spend in the talent trees

One rogue per raid can use deadly poison to do more damage than instant poison

Against an equal level opponent, you will miss 5% of special attacks

The dual wield penalty is +19% to miss on ALL white damage for a total of 24% base miss on equal level enemies

+hit is -miss, so you don't have too much until you stop missing

-300 armor improves your damage by 5% on cloth to 2% on plate

Poisons do a substantial amount of your damage.

Devilsaur is extremely good, Stormshroud is not

When raiding, a warrior's battle shout is much better than a feral druid's crit aura

Get a Hand of Justice, it is worth it

For PvE: If you're not sure of your threat, feint. If you're really not sure, vanish, it will reset your agro.

Dagger/Fist/Sword/Mace specializations work fine on the offhand

If you get a bonus swing, it is always with the mainhand

Combat Maces do not do as much damage as Dagger/Fist/Sword. Think "different" not better.

For blizzard's itemization, 1 STR + 1 AGI = 2 AP. That generally means that items with lots of AP are VERY good, and items with lots of STR are VERY bad.


Dodge and parry are very important in both PvE and PvP

Abilities that "increase attack speed" increase the number of swings you make over a time period by the listed amount. Meaning 50% speed increase makes you hit 50% more often.

"Blade Flurry" stacks with "Slice and Dice" for a total of 156% attack speed. They also stack with every other attack speed buff (like Troll Berserking).

Your stealth ability can be described as a skill that is 5 * level (300 at level 60). Each point in Master of Deception adds 3 points. The Night Elf racial (which is passive) adds 5 points.

Energy regenerates at the rate of 20 every 2 seconds. No abilites change this except for Adrenaline Rush.

The Band of Jin + Seal of Jin is an a "epic ring set" not rare!!!

+1% to Hit is worth slightly more then +1% Crit until you have 6% or more +to Hit

+1% to Hit is worth between +0.5-0.75% Crit once you have 6% or more +to Hit

1% chance for an extra strike is worth approximately +1% Crit. 1% chance for an extra strike gets better as you get more +hit and +crit gear.

Eviscerate 9 drops from Blackhand Assassins in Upper Blackrock Spire

Feint 5, Backstab 9, and Deadly Poison 5 drop from the bosses in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj


Some addons for rogue:

Latest Version: 3.4
Updated: 22/08/2006

Very handy add-on for managing trinkets. Not only it gives you easy access to all trinkets in your inventory it can also be set up to queue different trinkets and automatically swap them round when their cooldown is over.

Latest Version: 1.15
Updated: 01/04/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2070

Adds extra “Unlock” button to the trade window. Simple and ingenious.

Latest Version: 1.4.2
Updated: 29/08/2006
Link: http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2724

This add-on adds a small button to the minimap. When you click it you will see a menu of all poisons in your inventory. If you left click on a poison icon, the poison is applied to your main-hand weapon, if you right click it - to your off-hand. Makes poisoning weapons very easy!

PoisonMaster (Continued):
Latest Version: 2.6
Updated: 24/06/2006

This add-on helps you to manage your poisons. You tell it how much flash powder and how many poisons of each kind you need to have with you at all times, and next time you are at the Rogue Reagent Vendor, it stocks you up with required amounts of reagents and makes the poisons for you!

Some problems and error with 1.12.1. Will be removed (again) if not fixed soon.

CCWatch (Continued Version):
Latest Version: 1.12
Updated: 27/09/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3650-1-ccwatch-continued-more-effects.html

It is important to know when stun effects disappear. Sometimes it isn't that easy to track the time. This add-on shows all active stuns on all hostile targets around you and shows when they run out.

CCWatch Alternative - Natur EnemyCastBar *RAM*:
Latest Version: 5.2.7
Updated: 24/09/2006

This add-on is amazing. It shows you the casting bar of your target (or you can set it up to show casting bars of everyone around you!). It can also track stuns and different effects on the target (not fully implemented yet, though). It can even track diminishing returns! A very clever add-on and a worthy substitute for CCWatch. However, there are disadvantages to this add-on. Firstly, This add-on uses more system resources than CCWatch. Secondly, it’s sometimes hard to look at the bars this add-on generates during combat, which means some people might prefer the way CCWatch works.

EnergyWatch v2:
Latest Version: 1.4
Updated: 06/01/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-2233-1-energywatch-v2.html

During PvP it is very important to know when your next energy tick will happen. This add-on is a simple bar, which shows you just that.

Spell Alert:
Latest Version: 1.65
Updated: 17/02/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2456

It is hard to keep track of what the enemy caster is doing. Sometimes it is hard even to see whether he/she is casting something. This Add-on tells you what is being cast, what effects the enemy is gaining, etc. Also very useful in High-end PvE as it shows everything your target is doing. For example, when Annubisah Warriors are about to explode, it shows something like “Annubisah Warrior gains Explode”.

SCT (Scrolling Combat Text):
Latest Version: 5.1:
Updated: 20/09/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-222-scrollingcombattext.html

Don’t tell me you don’t know what this add-on is… Well, in case, you don’t know, this add-on shows all the damage you take and all the effects you are effected by (including auras, heals, etc.). A must-have add-on for every player.

However, in 1.12 Blizzard have included their own version of this add-on. It’s called Floating Combat Text and can be optionally switched on by accessing Interface Options (Advanced Tab). Some people like it, some people prefer SCT. Just so you know, SCT has been conflicting with the new Blizzard function and, in some cases; you can’t even switch the damage you do to the target to be shown. It is still unclear whether Floating Combat Text will bring the end to SCT or whether we will be able to choose which one to use.

LootLink *RAM*:
Latest Version: 1.12.0
Updated: 17/09/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=130

Rogues are very dependant on their gear and having a library of items, which you can refer to, to compare your "future items" with the ones you have now is essential. How many times you asked your guildmate to "link" Bonescythe Sabbatons because you want to try it on? Those days are over! Lootlink saves all items you ever came across in the game and saves them in a database.

Latest Version: 3.2
Updated: 25/08/2006
Link: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=5224

Ever wondered how much HP Ragnaros has? Yes, I know you can look on WoWWiki but don’t you think it would be easier to see the hit points in the game? This add-on calculates the estimated HP of every mob you kill and shows you the amount. It is much more accurate than MobInfo2 and is missing all the overweight functionality the predecessor had.

Latest Version: 2.20
Updated: 24/08/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=860

Probably the best Interface Add-on. The idea is simple. It shows everything you need (starting from FPS, DPS and finishing with money and free bag slots) on the screen.

Titan has grown into a pack of add-ons lately and here are the add-ons:
Titan – CORE
TitanBag – Shows how many bag slots you have and how many are free.
TitanClock – Very comfortable not to lose track of the time. Has Time Zone adjustment too.
TitanHonorPlus – A very flexible and interesting add-on, which shows statistics about honour your recent honour gains.
TitanMoney – Shows how much money you have and works out how much you have earned/lost.
TitanPerformance – Shows FPS, Memory Usage, Latency, etc. Very useful.
TitanXP – Useful when leveling, shows how much XP you gain and how long you got until level-up if you keep it up.

Latest Version: 1.06.5
Updated: 06/09/2006
Link: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3031-theorycraft.html

A very nice add-on. Shows your vital stats such as AP and Crit %, depending on what you are wearing (kit can be changed via item links). It also shows alot of useful statistical data. For example, an average damage of your every ability.

Even if you are the mastermind of WoW game mechanics, it is very interesting to play around with this add-on. Highly recommended!


1.12 Scaling of Garrote, Eviscerate, and Rupture with Attack Power:

Garrote 6:
Old Damage: 432
600 AP: 660
800 AP:696
1500 AP: 822
% Increase for 1500 AP: 90%
552 + 0.18AP

Eviscerate 8:
Old Damage: 936
600 AP: 941
800 AP: 971
1500 AP: 1076
851 + 0.15AP

Eviscerate 9:
600 AP: 1048
800 AP: 1078
1500 AP: 1183
% Increase for 1500 AP: 26%
958 + 0.15AP

Rupture 6:
Old Damage: 935
600 AP: 944
800 AP: 992
1500 AP: 1160
% Increase for 1500 AP: 24%
800 + 0.24AP

Different Bonuses:
I supose all this percentages are additive not multiplicative, meaning, for example, that +15% of Improved Eviscerate and +15% of Deathdealer's Set will result in +30%.

Bonuses used on Eviscerate:
3/3 Aggression => +6%
3/3 Improved Eviscerate => +15%
2nd bonus of Deathdealer's => +15%
Different combinations of the above => +6% / +15% / +21% / +30% / +36%

Bonuses used on Garrote:
5/5 Opportunity => +20%

Bonuses used on Rupture:
3/3 Serrated Blades => +30%


PvE talent builds

Combat Sword/Fist 16/35/0

Combat Dagger 15/31/5

That's all I can think of or have time to write atm!
Hope all this is of some use to our rogues!
NOW GO STUDY IT!!! study

...few moments later... Sleep
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Important for Rogues!
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