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 All items for fix DKP?

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Registration date : 2006-11-16

PostSubject: All items for fix DKP?   Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:44 am

Ok, I was offline yesterday, due to the server problem, but I heard you decided to change our DKP system and I'm glad because of it! Smile
So, acording to that new system, 50%+ attendance provides player with priority for Items over those who have less than 50%... still... there should be 2 or 3 leves of attendance like for example on 50% < 75/80% or 50% < 75% < 100% or better 50% < 70% < 90%, something like that! I know you are already on that idea, but I wasnt online when you were discussing it! Sad

But purpose of this post is 1 more thing we should change!

Item values are a bit low for set items, maybe not, and some items get overbided, and that's soft word for it! Razz But we should give all other items fixed price! Best random items should have a lot higher prices than set items! Still the prices should later be changed for some items if that instance is on farm status and we are trying some higher lvl instance where new items will get high prices! Or maybe like this, for example:
we are doing MC and we have prices for items, than we start BWL and we make lot higher prices for new items, than when we finish with BWL we lower the prices from MC, normalize prices from BWL, and give items from AQ higher prices and so on...

Again, I made an example of something we could implement in our DKP system, I cant write all that's on my mind, but hope you will help me finish my thought, that is if you find anything good in it! Razz

Think in advance! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: All items for fix DKP?   Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:03 am

I want to start by saying that if u guys consider this post to radical for us ignore it. If not continue reading lol!

First of all the attendance issue which I find most important:
1) Concerning trials: I suggest forcing trials to get 50% attendance on raiding for the last 30 days which we will use to measure attendance. that is shown for each player on the DKP page. On the day a trial reaches 50% attendance he shall be promoted to member and given full rights for bidding on items as normal members

2) Concerning people who raid often vs. people who raid less: Ranks should look like this if u ask me: Trial<Member<Core member. Also officers/class leaders are excluded form these ranks since they have their own responsabilities BUT their priority on items should be judged the same as for members or core members or trials. e.g. if I don`t raid for a month I find it perfectly natural that a member with over 50% attendance to have priority over me. Also this Core Member rank should be created starting from say... 70% attendance updated at each end of the week and if a Core Member drops below 60% he will be demoted back to member. Thus constantly having a dynamic guild in which the people who work hard are rewarded and when they stop working they aren`t rewarded like they used to. Of course Core Members should be given priority on each raid due to their given activity.

To better understand what i`m saying here i will give an example related to mages for instance... Buffybad is class leader and he raids every day but so does Nusu and they always get items equally until one day Staff of Dominance drops at Golemagg but Nusu and Buffybad are on -10DKP. Unfortunately for them there is another mage that is a member but hasn`t raided more than 1 raid a week and he has 10dkp. Naturally he bids on the staff and wins it therefore taking it away from players that would put it to use daily. I hope every1 will understand what I tried to point out here.

In short this new system will help us get good new members because it takes patience to come to 50% of the raids in any given month and it will give us a fully geared core team of people who worked hard for their epix. This system is a bit cruel to more casual players but then again... We aren`t casual raiders are we? We raid 24/7 so we should do that the most efficient way.

Also before I end this long post about the dkp value of items... Yes some items will go up with prices insanely high and there is the risk that u pay 5000 dkp for a godlike item that drops once a month... but then again with this kind of system people can't calculate when they will get what item and if u are willing to pay 5000dkp on an item and can afford it then u will do it when u WANT THE ITEM BADLY. Therefore the system stands as far as I'm concerned. I mean I vote for the current bidding system to stand. And yes class items should be cheap cuz those drop anyways. It`s the non class items that make the bread and butter of this dkp system.

Reply to my post and Astarte's post please asap!!! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: All items for fix DKP?   Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:56 am

I don't have anything to add for know, and i agree with this system that i hope to be implented very fast in out guild because will improve the ppl that diserve to be improved. SO GO FOR IT bounce
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PostSubject: Re: All items for fix DKP?   Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:51 pm

looks good on paper - can be tricky in practice (rupe u will have to work on promotion/demotion Cool ).

but on the other hand, core members will get what they need quite fast(and will still raid to help guild), and then items will be avaible for more casual raiders - but rules must be written in a sticky so all can read it and understand it b4 we r on bidding situation.

it wont work for 20man runs since theres limited space and confirmation(in raid planner) need rotation there - so even if someone want to go he cant couse spots r filled for that class for example.

for 40man on the other hand it will work nicely since all that actually SIGN UP and SHOW UP in time - get invites.
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PostSubject: Re: All items for fix DKP?   

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All items for fix DKP?
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