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 Prioritized classes for non-class items(Molten Core)

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PostSubject: Prioritized classes for non-class items(Molten Core)   Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:42 am

Aurastone Hammer (Druid and Paladin)
Azuresong Mageblade(Mage and Warlock)
Band of Accuria(1-Hunter and Rogue.2-Dps Warrior)
Band of Sulfuras(Druid and Priest)
Blastershot Launcher(1-Hunter.2-Rogue and Dps Warrior)
Bonereaver's Edge(Paladin and Warrior)
Brutality Blade(Rogue)
Cauterizing Band(Druid and Priest)
Choker of Enlightenment(Druid and Priest)
Choker of the Fire Lord(Mage and Warlock)
Cloak of the Shrouded Mists(Hunter and Rogue)
Core Forged Greaves(Warrior)
Core Hound Tooth(1-Rogue.2-Hunter)
Crimson Shocker(No priority)
Crown of Destruction(1-Hunter.2-Paladin)
Dragon's Blood Cape(Warrior)
Drillborer Disk(Warrior)
Eskhandar's Right Claw(Rogue and Warrior)
Essence of the Pure Flame(No priority)
Finkle's Lava Dredger(1-Druid. 2-Paladin)
Fire Runed Grimoire(Mage and Warlock)
Fireguard Shoulders(Rogue)
Fireproof Cloak(No Priority)
Flameguard Gauntlets(1-Dps Warrior .2-Prot. Warrior and Paladin)
Flamewaker Legplates(Paladin and Warrior)
Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame(1-Fire Mage. 2-Mage and Warlock)
Heavy Dark Iron Ring(Warrior)
Helm of the Lifegiver(Paladin)
Magma Tempered Boots(Paladin)
Malistar's Defender(Paladin)
Mana Igniting Cord(Mage and Warlock)
Manastorm Leggings(Priest)
Medallion of Steadfast Might(Warrior)
Obsidian Edged Blade(Paladin and Warrior)
Onslaught Girdle(1-Dps.Warrior. 2-Prot.Warrior and Paladin)
Perdition's Blade(Rogue)
Quick Strike Ring(Dps Warrior,Hunter and Rogue)
Ring of Spell Power(Mage and Warlock)
Robe of Volatile Power(Mage and Warlock)
Salamander Scale Pants(Druid)
Sash of Whispered Secrets(1-Warlock. 2-Priest)
Seal of the Archmagus(No Priority)
Shadowstrike(No Priority)
Shard of the Flame(No Priority)
Sorcerous Dagger(Mage and Warlock)
Spinal Reaper(1-Dps.Warrior. 2-Prot.Warrior. 3-Paladin)
Staff of Dominance(1-Mage amd Warlock. 2-Druid)
Striker's Mark(1-Hunter. 2-Dps.Warrior and Rogue)
Talisman of Ephemeral Power(Mage and Warlock)
Wild Growth Spaulders(Druid)
Wristguards of True Flight(Hunter)
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Prioritized classes for non-class items(Molten Core)
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