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PostSubject: Healing....nightmare   Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:51 pm

Healing in raids ..... this is one hellova problem

In my opinion Holly priests shouldnt have same builds, i suggest one priest to have heavy great heals and should be supported by an alternative healer in this case paladin might be the best selection. This priest might be able to heal main tank. however this priest cannot cast spirit buff and he may have some mana regen difficulties. The build should be sth like this.


Which second build of secondary priests


As u can see in this build priest has not points in talents that are boosting greater heal, instad this he has more points in Disciple tree. He has improved divine Spirit buff which is helping every healer in read, improved mana burn in case we will face mobs like we met in AQ, POWER INFUSON to backup main healer, and my favorite Reflective shield -- this can save main tanks lives and buy other healers to finish their fat spells.

These are just few of mine suggestions and there is no geranty they will work. Nevertheless this builds will come out handy, if people will be loyal to guild and its raids, because u cannot have one type of priest in raid. IT wont work, i tried to go fully holly long time ago when this Eye of the storm patch come out.... and .... how can i say.... i ran out of mana in MC at fist boss far too quickly!

Think about it and /w me

GL and HF
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PostSubject: Re: Healing....nightmare   Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:04 pm

We've always discussed about healing and builds and u know I went holy one day and ran out of mana very fast then with the disc/holy but heavier disc ofc I didn't have problems regenerating mana. However as you say we need both types of priests if not all 3 types... the only problem if we have 3 types of priests is that those that are healers will of course whine because they can`t deal damage. Let's just hope we find understanding people. I for one or so to speak my brother will be Disc/holy most probably but definitely healbot build for raiding high-end. I have faith that you will accompany me also... seeing as the raids are only 25 ppl... 4 priests or maybe 5 aren't that hard to find:). We'll see. Anyway nice to see you are interested in our raiding experience as always and eager to help our guildies. I've always apreciated the effort you put in fulfilling your class role at best for the raid and guild. Sorry for the slow reply but I was away from wow for over a month. Now I'm back... and I missed you all Smile!
Cya ingame
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