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 Karazhan Tactics for Moroes(The second boss)

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PostSubject: Karazhan Tactics for Moroes(The second boss)   Sat May 05, 2007 12:37 pm

This main problem in this fight is add control. The secondary difficulty comes from Moroes' Garrote.

The pull can be executed by the main tanks, without much finesse. It is imperative that two tanks have high aggro from Moroes at all times (because of Moroes' Gouge).

As many adds as possible should be crowd controlled. This can be accomplished by use of shackle, paladins' fear (Turn Undead), Freezing Trap and by kiting. Each of these methods has its drawbacks: shackles can break early or be dispelled by some of the other mobs, fear can drive the adds out of the room and thus reset the fight, and all kiting tactics require great skill by the kiter. If CC breaks, the mobs must not run free for long, as many of them can easily one shot cloth-wearers or heal Moroes. It is recommended to apply shackle every 5 seconds or so. If an add does break loose, a tank should taunt it; however he should not attack since the crowd control will ideally be reapplied soon. Also be aware that the paladins can cast blessings on the Moroes and his entourage, so be ready to dispel or purge.

Hunters can chain trap an add through the entire encounter using freezing trap. This is even easier with 2 pieces of beast lord armor and with clever traps (neither are strictly necessary, but both are helpful). Hunters can also use distracting shot on the shackled adds (does not break the CC) so that when the shackles break, the adds are more likely to go after the hunter than the priests.

The remaining uncontrolled adds should be killed quickly. If you manage to slow the add which is due to be killed, and a ranged class holds aggro, a third tank is not imperative (examples: crippling poison from a rogue and high DPS from a mage or ice effects from a mage and high DPS from a warlock).

It is a good idea to kill the priest(s) first, because they go down fastest (just make sure to interrupt all heals and mana burns). The warriors are very tough, so they are good candidates for CC.

Two tanks are needed on Moroes. The off-tank should consistently remain second on the aggro list, because after a gouge Moroes will turn to the person with the second-highest aggro. When a tank is blinded, it needs to be removed immediately by a Shaman, Paladin or Druid (it is a poison). If no one in the raid can remove poison, the main tank should turn his back to Moroes to avoid being gouged. If the off-tank is blinded and main tank is gouged, Moroes will run off into the healers or DPS.

Periodically, Moroes vanishes and upon returning garrotes a random raid member. This garrote limits the time available for this fight, because sooner or later the healers will run OOM. DPS must be high enough to bring him down before healer mana runs out.

Example: Moroes plus Shadowpriest, Holy Priest, Retribution Paladin & Mortal Strike Warrior

Shackle the MS Warrior tank the Retri-Paladin by the 2nd tank. First kill the Shadowpriest (because she can cast mana burn - our WL got burned for full mana), while that, keep the holy priest busy, then focus on her. Then DPS on Moroes. If you have a paladin along, have him fear the Retri-Paladin, so the 2nd tank is not too busy with tanking/taking damage from him. Stun of Paladin is purge/cleansable.

Useful Macros (Priest)
As a priest, it can be very difficult to reshackle one add and to maintain healing on the tank at the same time. A simple macro can do the reshackle, you can push it between two heals every 5-10 seconds. You must keep Baroness Dorothea Milstipe shackled all the time.

/cast [target=Baroness Dorothea Millstipe] shackle undead

This will do the work and eases the fight a lot.

Shackle Focus Macro: The macro system in WoW 2.0 introduces a new element called focus which allows a player to save a target as its "focus" and, using macros, cast spells on the focus without losing your current target. Detailed examples from Useful Mage Macros use Polymorph, but can easily be extended to Shackle Undead. The macro is below:

/clearfocus [modifier:shift]
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/script SetRaidTarget("focus", 1)
/cast [target=focus] Shackle Undead

Useful Macros (Warlock)
A similiar macro can help a Warlock make the shackling a lot easier. A Voidwalker is required for this maneuver, although some adjustments could have a Felguard do it with his Anguish ability.

/target Baron Rafe Dreuger
/cast Torment

You keep the Voidwalker in passive, and spam this macro during the fight to use the Torment ability to make your pet gain aggro on the shackled target. As such, it will run for your pet rather than the shackling priest. This is particularly useful for Baron Rafe Dreuger as he tends to stun the highest aggro target the second he breaks.

Dealing with Garrote
Every 30 seconds Moroes vanishes, and upon return randomly garottes a raid member. Garrote is a bleed effect and will deal 1k damage every 3 sec for 300 sec (for a total of 100k damage). After he garrotes, he will immediately return to the highest aggro player prior to the vanish. Garrote can be removed by the following abilities only:

Dwarfs Stoneform
Paladins Divine Shield (self) and Blessing of Protection (others)
Mages Ice Block
While Soulstones or combat rezzes are available, dying is a viable method of removing garrote, since it does not incur a durability loss. Limited Invulnerability Potions can be used to negate the bleed damage for a short period, but it won't remove the Garrote effect itself.

Blessing of Protection should be saved for the priests who are shackling adds. Never use this to remove the bleed effect from a tank, as it will wipe the tank's aggro (at least temporarily) and if Moroes then gouges your other tank, he will proceed to run amok on your less-armored DPS/healing. You may find that points invested in the talent Guardian's Favor are very nice for this fight. In the event that Moroes does not Garrote any of your important healers or other players you are relying on for CC, you may opt to BoP a DPS class towards the end of the fight to keep them up and quicken the kill.

Since the possibilities to remove Garrote are limited, there's no choice but to heal through it on most raid members. Thus it should not be removed from tanks, since they are the main heal targets anyway. All garrotes are removed when Moroes is defeated (though it sometimes is not due to a bug). If you reset the encounter by running out of the banquet hall, the garrote is not removed. Prior to patch 2.0.10, Luffa was a viable means of removing the Garrote. However, after patch 2.0.10, the Luffa was changed so that it only removes bleed effects if the caster is level 60 or below.

Moroes is immune to Charge and Taunt.
The encounter can be reset by pulling an add out of the room. If Moroes leaves the room the encounter will not reset. So if you want to reset the encounter make sure not all remaining adds are shackled.
Dropping an Earthbind Totem or positioning a mage between shackled mob and the priest to Frost Nova if shackle breaks is a good idea. A paladin hitting the mob with a Hammer of Justice can help give the priest the time s/he needs to get the shackle off as well.
Currently the Priest's Shadowfiend will sometimes randomly target a CC'd mob even if Moroes is not vanishing, thus it is highly recommended that Shadowfiend is not used AT ALL during the fight unless there is no CC active
All pet users: Keep tight control of your pet, make sure that it doesn't attempt to attack a shackled add when Moroes vanishes
After Moroes dies, his adds will remain. It is currently possible to exit the room and reset the event. With Moroes dead, they will simply disappear.
The adds are immune to bleed, but Moroes himself is not.
Mana Burn (Dorothea), Heal (Catriona) and Holy Light (Keira) can (and should) be interrupted to speed up killing the four adds. Rogues are especially good for this between stuns and Mind-Numbing Poison. Curse of Tongues also works on them. Any unshackled adds are easily kited with the use of Crippling Poison.
The encounter requires that the adds and Moroes be burned down as quickly as possible. Your raid members may find Rune of the Dawn and Seal of the Dawn invaluable.
A tank may be Blessing of Protection when Moroes Vanishes.
Receiving a Blessing of Protection will immediately remove the garrote, so if it is received on a tank or a melee DPS class, that person can cancel the Blessing immediately to get back in to the fight.

See http://www.wowwiki.com/Moroes for additional info.
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PostSubject: Re: Karazhan Tactics for Moroes(The second boss)   Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:56 am

heres a simple explanation for you guys.

We need a shadow priest for their cool spell they can do against undead that makes them like. not able to move, and we need off tanks

just pwn the fucking mobs... then go after moroes the son of a bitch.

Healing tactics =

Each healer should be assigned to somebody,

Druids should be on the raid

Pally's should be on the off tanks

Priests should be on the main tanks.

Its pretty simply really, just pwn the motherfuckers
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Karazhan Tactics for Moroes(The second boss)
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