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 Two new Bosses down guys, got screenshots

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PostSubject: Two new Bosses down guys, got screenshots   Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:02 pm

Well last night we downed moroes Very Happy:D:D:D and Romeo and Juleit opera event.

It took us two try's on moroes and the first time we just fucked up tbh Razz only 1 person died and we were able to reset.

Romeo And Juliet was harder to say the least

Because i made a group that would be able to take moroes easily. It meant that opera event was much, much harder.

Because we didnt have a rogue it was not easy to stop the bitch from healing. Anyways after the second attempt with Maez there, we were able to kill juliet and romeo no problem.

Oh yeh, and i got lost on the way to opera event Very Happy:D:D

trying to work out how to put screenshots onto this post.. hold on a second


Thats us with the proper, "yes, we pwnd the fuckers" style of photo


Thats us with the "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW" style of photo


Thats us with the "im shattered, lets go to sleep" style of photo

Again, thanks to all who came which were:

Spiritofsky (the best druid in the world)
Theronn (the best hunter in the world)
Pusekatten (the ugliest druid in the world)
Maez (the best counter casting rogue Very Happy)
Priyala (the wife of the best hunter in the world)
Laehtin (the best shammy i have seen. Being serious about that)
Holma (go afk again and i eat your children)
Vamorn (again, nice healing)
Shadowwar (get it tanked bitch Very Happy)
Jagskalsla (change your name ass face)
Selective (bubi from the guild i guess Very Happy)
wobebif( nice damage )

anybody else i forgot
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PostSubject: Re: Two new Bosses down guys, got screenshots   Sat Jul 14, 2007 7:19 pm

stop talking here :p go to http://uni.guildomatic.com/
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Two new Bosses down guys, got screenshots
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